How to edit the Logo image?


To edit the Logo image, Site Title and Tagline please check the instructions below.

You can add/remove the logo image from Customize > Site Identity


To load the Customizer, click on the toolbar link


or go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize


Next, locate the "Edit with Elementor" link in the Toolbar and click on "Header":


Here you can edit the logo size and settings: 


Please check this link for more details: Vamtam Elementor Themes: How to edit the header area?

In Customize > Site identity you can also find the Site Icon (Favicon) option - please check this guide for more details: Vamtam Elementor Themes: How to add a favicon/site icon to your WordPress site?

Editing the Logo for mobile resolution

Switch between Desktop, Mobile or Tablet views by clicking on the corresponding icons on the bottom of the panel and edit the content dedicated to the corresponding resolution:


If you'd like to add a different logo for responsive resolutions, you'll have to replace the Logo widget of the mobile header with an Image widget:

You can also check this instruction:

How to increase the Logo size?

You can add a bigger logo image and increase the Site Logo widget height/width in the Header template:

or you can replace the Site Logo widget with an Image widget and adjust its size as you prefer.