Most of the Vamtam Elementor Themes have different Headers and Footers for different pages throughout the site.

The Elementor Theme Builder functionality allows you to create multiple global Header / Footer templates and attach them to different pages according to your preferences. 

Step 1: Create or edit the content of the demo Header / Footer templates

Go to Theme builder > Header tab > click "Edit with Elementor" on the Header Yoga Personal



Step 2:  Edit the Display conditions of the template, i.e. connect it to the pages you'd like. You can access the Display conditions by clicking on the toggle button next to "Update":


You can check which Header / Footer templates are set for the homepage / any page: 

Next, simply go to Dashboard > Templates > Header / Footer > locate the template and edit its display conditions - you can set it to display on a specific page, or on the Entire Site:


You can delete all unnecessary header / footer templates, or simply remove their "Display conditions", so you can use them later.

You can check this guide for more details on how to edit the Header template: 
Vamtam Elementor Themes: How to set a transparent / solid header to a page?