STEP 1: How to trigger a Popup from a Nav menu item?

You can have a mega menu type of navigation using the Popup Elementor feature. Please check the detailed tutorial below:



This is the CSS class added to the "s" menu item:

vamtam-menu-click-on-hover  girls-mega-menu

Tip: If you don't see the CSS Classes field, ensure it's enabled in the Screen Options:


STEP 2: How to edit the Girls popup mega menu?

The "Girls" navigation item leads to the "Girls - Mega Menu" popup. You can locate this template in Dashboard > Templates > Popups.

Click on "Edit with Elementor" to edit the menu, images, button's link, etc.

Another way to quickly access the Girls' mega menu is to mouse over the "Edit with Elementor" link and click on the "Girls - Mega Menu" popup:

Please check these guides for further information:

Guide to Vamtam Elementor Builder

Follow the above steps for customizing the "Babys", "Boys", "Gifts", and "Classes + Events" menus.