How to disable the cursor?



You can remove the cursor animation in three easy steps:

Step 1:


Open the "Site Settings" section of Elementor:

Step 2:


Locate the "Theme Settings" button: 

Step 3:


Disable the "Use Theme Cursor" option:

How to edit the cursor colour?

The cursor color is automatically generated - it's the difference between white (#ffffff) and what is under the cursor, similar to a photographic negative.


It is possible to use a fixed color instead, however it is important to select an appropriate color for your content in order to ensure good visibility. You can do that with this CSS code:


body:not(.wp-admin):not(.elementor-editor-active).has-mouse-dot #mouseDot {
    background-color: aqua;
    mix-blend-mode: initial !important;

body:not(.wp-admin):not(.elementor-editor-active).has-mouse-dot #mouseDot.over-link {
    opacity: 0.5 !important;

Check this guide for how to add custom CSS / PHP code or modify the theme code