How to edit the text and image of the products? Check below.


First of all, we've built the products in the Fabrik theme using standard pages. You may notice that all of the products have the same design layout. That's because we've set a common Single Page template. Check below the steps to editing the global template and the single page content.


To begin, navigate to the Toolbar > Edit with Elementor > Products - Single Page:



Or go to Templates > Theme Builder > Products - Single Page > Edit with Elementor.

Control the template's layout, conditions, rules, and styles.

As you may noticed, the text description that we'd like to edit is a "Post Custom Field" dynamic tag (, so it pulls the individual content of each product.




Pay attention that editing the Products Single Page template will affect all of the associated products. Check here how to set display conditions for global templates

So, edit the Products Single Page template if you'd like to make global changes in the design layout of all products, and edit the individual content in each product page.





Please check these guides for further information:

What is the Theme Builder?

Guide to Vamtam Elementor Builder

How to edit the text and image of the products? 



Click here to edit the page settings:


Edit the Custom Fields and the Featured image.




In case you don't see the Custom Fields, go to Preferences > Panels > Additional > and enable the Custom fields