The Loop Builder enables you to create and design the main item for repeating content (i.e. loops) such as listings, as well as customize its layout on the page. By creating a main item template yourself, you get a lot more flexibility compared to the Posts widget to design your listings and include additional dynamic content. Read these articles for all details:


How to edit the main item template of the Job Listing loop?


Edit the page with Elementor:



All of the main item's elements are dynamic tags (, so they pull the individual content of each post/page:



How to edit the Job Listing template's query?



Edit the page with Elementor > Open the Query tab and edit the source, order, etc.


How to edit the Job Listing members' information?



You can directly edit the Job Listing loop elements' pages - click on the Apply button:


Open the page editor and edit the Custom fields:





In you don't see the page's Custom Fields, click on Preferences > Panels > Additional > turn on the "Custom Fields" toggle: