The mobile menu is part of the mobile header, which is part of the header template.

You can find HERE your theme's "How to edit the Header section" guide.

In this example we'll use the Fiore header template. Fiore Elementor Theme: How to edit the Header section? 

As mentioned in the guide above, you must mouse-hover "Edit with Elementor" and select the Header template. 

Please note that each page may have different Header template (How to apply different headers / footers to different pages?)



When hiding an element, and switching to the view it’s hidden on, you will see that this element is “muted” - highlighted in blue.

This gives you a clear indication that the element will be hidden on the live site but still enables you to edit it as needed. 

You can edit that specific area in the responsive mode in which it is not hidden. For example, if the element is visible on mobile but hidden on desktop and tablet, you will be able to edit the element in the mobile view.

Switch between Desktop, Mobile or Tablet views by clicking on the corresponding icons on the bottom of the panel and edit the content dedicated to the corresponding resolution:



This is how the Header template looks like on mobile: 


This is how it looks like if the mobile Header's been deleted:


What is the solution?

If you deleted the demo mobile header, try one of the solutions below.

1. You can show the section for all devices by disabling the Visibility settings for Mobile and Tablet. This way, the very same content, layout and design of the Header template will be visible on each resolution. 


2. You can recover the Mobile Header section by duplicating the Desktop section and set its visibility for mobile. Customise the content, layout and design of the Mobile Header section as you prefer.