Most often the issues you have related to the update process are due to one of the following reasons:

Incompatible WordPress version

The latest WordPress version is not always compatible with the theme, because the theme update comes sometime after the WordPress update has been released.

You can check which is the compatible WordPress versions in the theme's presentation page on Themeforest. If in doubt you can ask the  Support Team.

In case you've updated your WordPress and the theme update compatible with the version you have is not yet out, you have three options:

- to wait for the theme update

- to restore your site from  a backup

- to downgrade your WordPress to a version compatible with the theme 


Incompatible plugins

If you are running plugins that do not come and are not supported by the theme make sure that they are compatible with the WordPress version you are about to update/install. In case the updates don't fix the issue you encounter then deactivate the plugins that don't come with the theme and test.

Old plugin version

Make sure that all plugins you are updated are compatible with the theme version and the WordPress version.

Complete the points 2,4,5 of the Update guide.

CSS styles are not regenerated

Click on "Save Changes" button anywhere in the theme options panel in order to re-generate the CSS.

Using FTP to update the theme

The bundled plugins cannot be updated using FTP, in case you've chosen this way, now you have to switch to automatic update in order to update the plugins that come bundled with the theme. Complete the points 2,4,5 of the Update Guide.

Network Installation

If you use this theme on a network installation of WordPress (formerly called Multisite), you will need to click the "Save changes" button in each website's admin panel, in addition to the main network site. This will clear and regenerate any caches used by the theme, as such caches may be different for the different sites.

Renamed theme folder 

If you change the theme folder name or the content of the style.ccs file, the automatic update feature will stop function. 


Update Guide


 If after reading the guides you are still in trouble please read this guide - How to get theme support